E-Commerce Website for Support Local Store (Berlin)


I team up with Tobias Nusser, Moritz Ramm and Magdalena Panas. We’ll be designing an E-Commerce website for a local business in 5 days. Our goal is to help local shops improve their online presence to be more competitive in the market.

Design process

Research → Solution → Future work


About Freeman Games, It’s a retro video game store, based in Berlin-Kreuzberg since 2005. The owner named Gulaga Celik, he has no website only Facebook page and Instagram account.

I like the shop. I like what I do and making people happy.

— Mr Gulage (The owner)

Interview with the owner

Interviews with the owner

  • The owner doesn’t want an e-commerce website cause he doesn’t have time for that.
  • He likes to socialize with his customers especially personal contact.

After interviewing with the owner, we did benchmark and market research to help us to understand the game industry and then we did Competitively analysis

Competitive analysis

We find out Freeman Games is really a specialist store and has his own community group. In order to visualise our target market, we did the Market positioning map

we want to create a website to keep Freeman game speciality and building his own community

Interviews with customers(5)

  • Hard to find rare retro video games & hardware
  • Hard to find Specialised shops
  • Hope to have an overview of the available games
  • Enjoy visite a physical shop to discovering

Enable to have a deep understanding of user, we did a User Persona Mario.

User persona

With all the information, we came up with these solutions

1. Create a suitable website. A whole E-Commerce system would be too much for our shareholder.

2. Become easy to find. An overview of the products.

3. Stay with the root. Both customers and owner enjoy chatting about subject-related topics.

site map
user flow

Our user flow has 2 tasks: Find & Reserve the item and Chat with the owner about the product.

After we finished our 1st Low-fi Prototype, we did the user test. And we did some important changes:

  • We added a search box on the home page.
  • While browsing the stock user did not immediately notice the search results. So we decided to bring forward the search results and delete the “ product teaser”. This brought more clarity for the users.
  • We bring the chatbox from the Product detail page to every page. So it will be always visible and accessible. User can ask not only a single product.
  • We add the “task complete” pop up window, so the user knows they complete reserved the product.

Low-Fi and Card Sorting 


Wireframe for Laptop version

Wireframe for Mobile Version

Mi-Fi moblie_v
Future work

#Test with real users & customers.

#Create a visual look & Hi-fi screens and test it.

#Work on the additional login-feature( User Area) as we already showed on the sitemap.

#Other Possible features. Like “ create a wishlist” where you can ask about the items and order them directly to the shop.

Possible feature